It started when I was only 3 yrs old and continued until I was 10, by multiple predators in several cities, all of which my family knew. I thought I had a tattoo on my forehead that read, “please hurt me.”

As a young adult, the abuse turned into cat calling and date rape drugging. Still to this day, the cat calling and random groping continues #dearcatcallers I only experienced workplace abuse when working in the motor vehicle industry during six years of my undergraduate.

I want this viscous cycle to stop! The more women who are honest about their abuse will be granted with some relief getting this out into the open. Women should also be pleased to know they are inspiring other women who have been hurt by men to share their story so the world actually knows how BIG this problem is.

Sharing this personal post was not easy. I have many years of shame built up, but I have amazing mentors working with me. My therapist, my favorite author, Brene’ Brown, and my awesome family and friends!

With all my love,
Jaime Brainerd