It’s been 2 years since my memories un-locked. I regained my childhood memories (ages 5-9) and have previously shared my story which has since changed the course of my life.

With regaining those memories came the stagnant trauma energy in my groin area resurfacing. I had to relive it all over again to acknowledge what had happened to move forward and heal.

I know it’s a long journey in healing but it’s worth reclaiming my body back, regaining my voice, my trust, my confidence and being free to express myself.

To people who asked me to be silent or forget it happened…if this happened to your daughter, sister or cousin….would you tell them to silence themselves? How can you forget when someone violated you? If it helps them heal, allow them to speak.

We all deserve to be heard.

Much love, respect and courage for all in uniting to voice what needs to be recognised and what needs to be changed in this world.

Hoping a mass healing to everyone on their journey ahead